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Over 130 years ago a group of people known as the Basters migrated from de Tuin in the Northern Cape to settle peacefully in Rehoboth, Namibia. 

Recent and historic sources on Baster history are here presented. These documents contain much useful and perceptive information on the Rehoboth Basters. Should you wish to incorporate these sources in any of your publications please quote them as the original source. Please let us know of your publication.

These documents refer to a new book, launched in March 2012 by Cornelia Limpricht in Rehoboth, Windhoek and Swakopmund:

Rehoboth, Namibia – Past & Present (2012)
Edited by:  Cornelia Limpricht, Windhoek Solitaire Press
500 pages / 420 figures (photos – maps – graphs – full colour print)
Namibia: ISBN 978-99945-73-01-1/ Germany: ISBN 978-3-941602-68-7

INDEX of the book - please download

The book results from insights her husband, Hartmut Lang, and she have gained during their long-term research into the Baster community (1996-2000, 2004-2010).

In some of the articles, the reader will find in the footnotes a link to sources in the CD attached to the book. Since a CD would have been too costly, these sources are available on the TUCSIN website. These `sources´ of Baster history have a variety of origins: some are historic reports on the Basters, others are letters to or from the Baster community, some are either theses, which they have scanned, or articles which have been published but are difficult to access, some are political statements, whiles two are digitised sources now available to the wider public for the first time (Voss & Scott, 1930 – in Afrikaans – and the so-called ELCRN Chronicle – in German).

These documents are listed on the TUCSIN website because Dr Cornelia Limpricht has been representing TUCSIN in Europe for more than two decades and because her work relates to the TUCSIN Informal Education Programme (IEP link). It contributes significantly towards TUCSIN’s aim of sharing information and expertise.   

Background: TUCSIN & Rehoboth


Sources of different origin downloads

Rehoboth People´s Motion 1990 / Kaptein John McNab letter to Minister Pohamba in 2004 / Minister Pandeni letter to Kaptein J. McNab in 2006 / History 2009 / National Society for Human Rights NSHR 1995 & NSHR 1996UNPO 2007 / Zandberg 2005 / Zandberg 2008 /

Church related publications & one source

DACB Buys & Nambala 2002 (CV L. de Vries) / Jura copyright 2002 & Jura thesis 2002 / Vossen thesis 2002 / Transcript: ELCRN-Chronicle until 1957 & Commentary by C. Limpricht 2004 /

Lang & Limpricht publications

Lang 1998 (population growth) / Lang 1999 (transition land tenure) / Lang 2005 (farm survey & related to farm survey: space sampling: Lang, Challenor and Killworth 2004) / Limpricht 2002 (family trees & farm subdivision) / Limpricht and Lang 2008 (farms & families - TUCSIN Festschrift) / Wesuls and Lang 2010 (perception and mesurements: pasture assessment) /

Other publications and reports

Anaya 2004 / Baster Case: Peeters UN 1992-1993 & Diergaardt Peeters UN 1996-2000 / Berzborn 2007 (Richtersveld) / Gilbert 2010 / Harring 1996 / Kienetz 1983 / National Society for Human Rights NSHR Namibia 2008 / Odendaal 2006 (Land Reform) / Oosthuizen 1993 (Die Rehoboth-Basters binne die konteks van die staatskundige verhoudinge tussen Suidwes-Afrika en Suid-Afrika) / Oosthuizen 1998 (Sam Khubis, Baster-German Battle 1915) / Pearson 1986 (history and social structure of the Rehoboth (Namibia) Baster Community) / Peters 2010 (BIOTA) /  Suzman 2002 / UN CERD Report 1997-2007 /

Sources & historical reports, collected by Lang & Limpricht

De Villiers 1927 Rehoboth Report / Rehoboth Gebiet Land Tenure Enquiry Commission: Voss and Scott 1930 transcript 1996/2012 /

Discussing Draft Constitution: Minutes Cape Town 25_April_1975 / Parties: RBV Nuus Brief 15_Mei_1975 / Rehoboth Selfgovernment Act 1976 / Agenda of Third Volksraad, Rehoboth, 30_6_1989 /

Baster Case: Appeal Judgement, Supreme Court, Namibia May 1996Kaptein McNab et al. letter to Minister Ithana 12_7_1997 (Observer) / Hermanus_Beukes letter to J. McNab March 1999 / Hewat Beukes 2007

Rehoboth, Past & Present, three German articles

Rehoboth, Namibia – Past & Present (2012), three articles in German:
Limpricht 2012  Baster Territorien / Limpricht 2012  Johanna-Susanna Mouton-Wahl / Limpricht & Lang 1997 Der Trek der Rehobother Baster

Rehoboth Photos


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