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TUCSIN Newsletter  2021

TUCSIN Khomasdal: This course is designed for candidates who wish to obtain the Grade 11 (NSSCO) and Grade 12 (NSSCAS) certificate


Since all courses start at 1 February of each year, students are required to submit their applications between mid and end of January.

Please read the leaflet carefully.

Here you find detailed information about the courses, the subjects, the application, the teaching approach, the fee structure per subject, the dress code and a whole-year-structure.

Application form for TUCSIN Khomasdaldownload 


TUCSIN-Khomasdal Complementary Course Grade 11 (NSSCO) and Grade 12 (NSSCAS)

4084 Rand Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek

P.O. Box 11174, Klein Windhoek

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: tucsin-khomasdal(AT)

Tel/Fax: +264-61-216854 

Subjects offered by TUCSIN-Khomasdal:


✓ English as a Second Language

✓ Afrikaans 2nd Language (on demand)

✓ Mathematics

✓ Biology

✓ Physics

✓ Chemistry

✓ Accounting

✓ Agricultural Science

✓ Business Studies

✓ Economics

✓ History

✓ Geography

✓ Development Studies





Who may apply

✓ Grade 11 (new curriculum) students who want to improve results.

✓ Grade 11's who qualify to proceed to AS level.

✓ Former Grade 10 (old curriculum) students.

✓ Former Grade 12 (legacy) students who have been out of school for less than five years.

✓ Grade 12 (AS level) students who need to improve an ordinary level result.



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