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2017: We welcome Cliff Olivier as new director & Dr Wilfried Bezuidenhout as new Chairperson of TUCSIN  more

2016/17: Teacher Recruitment Database - please apply


Who are the Alumni?

Any person who participated in a programme offered by TUCSIN, and/or who was awarded a scholarship by or under the auspices of TUCSIN.

What does active involvement in the TAA mean?

It means that you can:

  • be part of an impressive network of TUCSIN professionals in Namibia and beyond
  • sustain the operation of TUCSIN
  • be kept informed of developments at TUCSIN through the Alumni Update
  • be on the committee of the TAA
  • trace your fellow alumni
  • participate in student recruitment for any of the TUCSIN upgrading courses
  • join the TUCSIN ALUMNI Consultancy

Membership is available by filling in a membership form. Please get in touch with the alumni coordinator.

The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at TUCSIN in Windhoek.
Tel: +264-061-224840
Fax: +264-061-222544

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