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TUCSIN Newsletter  2021

This project complements TUCSIN activities wherever they may be taking place. It is a commitment towards:


  • Acquiring scientifically sound information about Namibia
  • Promoting tertiary training and higher academical education in Namibia
  • Contributing to the positive development of Namibian society.


It is accepted that anyone associated with the TUCSIN Informal Education Programme will respect a high standard of ethics and will be prepared to contribute towards achieving the aims mentioned above. The most valuable contribution will consist of sharing information and expertise with TUCSIN staff, students and associates. This can be on a personal basis; by offering talks; by demonstrations or by offering the opportunity of participating in fieldwork.

Resource Centre and Library at TUCSIN House in Windhoek


Scholars, scientists or students involved in research in higher academical education in Namibia can become associated with TUCSIN's Informal Education Programme by request and will then qualify for services on offer. Institutions can enter into partnerships with TUCSIN for implementing relevant projects such as those geared towards fulfilling fieldwork requirements or of doing research. TUCSIN is cooperating with institutions of higher learning in Africa, Europe and America. Assistance can be given on how to deal with formal requirements in the country such as obtaining permits and visas.


TUCSIN Informal Education Programme offers a Resource Centre and Library at TUCSIN House in Windhoek. Plans are afoot for a similar centre in the North (Oshakati).

Access is available to a computer, the Internet and e-mail, telephone, fax and photocopying. Small conferences (10-15 persons) can be arranged. Accommodation is offered in single or double rooms with en suite bathrooms and a communal kitchen for light meals.








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