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TUCSIN Newsletter  2021

The CC-Course - the Complementary Courses NSSCO & NSSCAS is offered annually to students who wish to improve their school leaving results. It takes place at TUCSIN Khomasdal, 4084 Rand Steet,  Windhoek: Tel/Fax: 061 216854

Tuition is offered for: Physical Science, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, and English (for details see here `Documents for Students´).

Namibian students – please download the application

Since all courses start in early February of each year, students are required to submit their applications prior to the closing date.



 Numbers of TUCSIN Students until 2020


All TUCSIN Centres hold Parents´ Evenings


Perfect Scores in Maths 2017 – Opening of TUCSIN, 24/1/2018 





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